Hello crazies.

All my life I have been the weird girl in the corner reading books or day-dreaming about fantasy realms. I have wanted to be an astronaut, a photographer, an actress and a marine biologist. I have never believed that I could become all of them and more by writing books. But slowly ,with growing up into the person I am today, I finally started believing that it is possible.

I want to be an author. It is my passion and my terror. But someday it will be a reality. and I plan on working my way up. This blog is one of my many project to achieve such a dream.

By following my blog you will be helping me achieve the dream. I ask of you to embark in this adventure with me. To read my stories. To feel the cold, the passion and the pressure of my creations.

I am a soul writer. and no matter where fate flows me to I will always be the weird girl with the paper on her hand and the craziness on her head.

Stay true to yourself. It is worth it.


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