About me

I am a Portuguese living and studying Journalism in the UK. I am 20 years old. I am mad for writing, I love the world and I want to change peoples lives.


My Goal for this blog is to share with you my persona. Who i am. And in this process to give some of my light or darkness to you.

My dream is to change the world. No fear saying that. I can do it. In my own way to my people. And you are my people. So be ready!

If you are wondering: “Why the name blank?” Because this is a safe space for everyone and a clear canvas for any topic you wish in my capabilities.

I love life but i am suffer from depression.
I love food but i want to eat better.
I love to love but i have anger problems.
I am a small girl with a big heart and a big mind.
I love the world. I donΒ΄t want to change its core i just want its best.