Review: Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard



Oh, I am losing my shit! I can´t believe that I need to wait until 2020 for the rest of this amazing story!

DISCLAIMER: Look, I have done another book review on this series already and I have called it trilogy because my dumb ass was completely convinced that it was indeed a TRILOGY. Turns out I was super wrong and that I had a heart attack when I finished Bloodwitch.

This review is free of spoilers (although I would love to do a deep spoilery analysis, give me a comment if you want that too!) but it will probably contain some degree of spoiler for the previous books in this series. So just to be clear you need to read the following book before this one:

  1. Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

  2. Windwitch by Susan Dennard

Okay now unto the review….


Susan Dennard is the queen of world building. She was an amazing skill to create world that pull you right in and suck your will to live in reality again. She has written other series that I have not read yet, I will admit BUT she has done a very good job with the books in this series.

This series follow a vast cast of very diversified characters, with four main ones. Safi which is a truthwitch, Iseult which is Safi thread-sister and a Weaverwitch, Merik which is a prince and a Windwitch and Aeduan which is BAE and a Bloodwitch. I can´t begin to explain how complex the plot his but here is my try:

Love is involved and I am up for it, BUT it is not the main plot point

Sisterhood is several relationships is so genuine it kind of hurts

Queens and Kings dynamics are also a thing

Father- Son/Daughter relationships to cry for

Gender diversity

Plot twist that made me blind

War and Starvation and Monks and History…. etc…

To be honest I can´t say that I straight up love this book. It was okay, I had some fun but it did not wowed me. At all. And I am very sad about it because I really like these characters and this story. I just wish I had liked it more. But I didn´t and here is why:


  1. The book drags…a lot. And it is frustratingly hard to keep wanting to read it. I am that person that devours books in days and I took more than a month to finish this. This novel is a primal case for the “explosive or boring” syndrome (yes, I just made that up). For the majority of the book nothing worthy was happening and then BAM! everything was happening. For me the fluidity of the plot was off and sometimes I even felt that a lot of the conflicts were just there because…
  2. Merik and Vivia perspective was slow and felt detached. I will admit that I skipped some of these parts because they were so strange and confusing and even not relevant? I never felt really attached to Merik and so I really can´t say that I cared too much about him in this book. The same goes for Vivia. I think we do get enough time to connect with those character but for me it just didn´t happened. So, it is kind of a personal opinion.
  3. There were so many answered questions still left from the previous novel in the series! And we were just showered with more and more questions. I feel like this book is confusing in very ways. It tries to be too much at the same time and can´t achieve neither of the goals. I don´t understand why some things happened and I don´t understand the motivation of half the cast anymore.
  4. It was so forgettable. I love when a book just imprints on my brain for a long time. Make me think and dream about it. This was not the case. It has been a couple of weeks now and I don´t remember shit EXPECT for the Iseult/Aeduan perspective.
  5. No ending for some sub-plot lines were very clear to me while reading this novel. There were a lot of things that could’ve been done with plot line from the first and second book but it felt like they were just abandoned in the middle of the night. No goodbyes- no explanations. Only confusion.
  6. WILD, I am telling you WILD, personality changes in some characters with no reason! WHAT? Why is leopard being nice, wasn´t he evil? Or not? Why is Evrane not suddenly evil…I don´t get it! I just hope our questions are answered in the next few books.
  7. And finally, the gravest of them all! I am a freak of reunions. I need them to be dramatic, exquisite, perfect! Because it is so important to understand the love of two characters and to understand the grow that they have had until that point when alone! AND THESE WERE NOT AMAZING REUNIONS! Safi and Iseult whole worlds are each other, they whole character goal is to find each other again and then when it happens is cut short? WHAT? I am offended…just saying. And I am not going to even talk about the Merik/Safi reunion because damn it had so much potential….


WOW that is a big list of negative shit to say…now for the good ones, shall we?


  • EVERYTHING related to Aeduan back story
  • EVERYTHING related to Iseult and Aeduan relationship
  • Character grow for (you guess it…) Aeduan and Iseult is through the roofs! It is so satisfying to notice the changes (and the ship…)
  • Safi and Vaness friendship is my favourite female-female friendship ever. They are so vulnerable to each other. I loved it!
  • Overall the writing of the book improved since the previous novels. It is more complex, more lyrical, more beautiful.


Final Opinion:

I like this book, I enjoyed the ride and I am here to stay. But I will say that indeed disappointed me, a lot. Nevertheless, I am less inclined to read the next books in the series. I am here for my babies Aeduan and Iseult (can you guess my favourite characters?)


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 starts ( FOLLOW ME ON GOODREADS, pwease?)




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