Review: King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo (SPOILERS)


It is finally here!! The most recent book in the Grisha Universe. Oh how I missed my sassy boy, Nikolai!

King of Scars, by Leigh Bardugo is the first novel that will be a part of newest duology that follow (my man, my light, my everything) King Nikolai.

For those who have never read her other books here is a quick list of all of them:

1. Shadow and Bone (Grisha trilogy)

2. Siege and Storm (Grisha Trilogy)

3.Ruin and Rising (Grisha Trilogy)

4. Six of Crows (Duology 1)

5.Crooked Kingdom (Duology 1)


I straight adored this novel and I cannot wait to be in pain during the time until the next one comes out ( not announced yet).

I started this author books with the Six of Crows duology and then I read the Grisha trilogy, and honestly I loved the ride form the begging until this new book. Six of Crows had probably one of my favourite characters ever (If you are not trash for Kaz what are you doing?) and the Grisha trilogy…well it had its ups (a little more lows tho).

For me the best character from the Grisha trilogy was my sweet Nikolai (King of Scars has a LOT of characters from the other books!)  so imagine my reaction when I heard that Leigh Bardugo was writing a WHOLE FUCKING DUOLOGY about him. I lost it…for real.

King of Scars follow the perspective of several characters, among them Zoya and Nina ( form Six of Crows), but what I consider to be the main character is Nikolai.

Okay so all this love and talk for Nikolai, but why? Well my friend, Nikolai is the sassiest and funny and lovable and smart not real person ever! I fell for him in the first 5 minutes after he was introduced. AND. THE. WORLD. CHANGED.

Now for the actual review, sorry for the big ass introduction (THERE IS SPOILERS FOR ALL OF THE BOOKS MENTIONED ABOVE):

I kinda had a rough start to this novel, mostly because after finishing the Grisha trilogy I had no idea what to expected from the same characters, but man was I wrong! There was a somewhat slow start, you are introduced to some very basic court shit and slowly you are pulled in my the crazy magic that only Leigh Bardugo books can perform.

So we know that Nikolai is not in a very easy position at this point:

  1. he is the king of the most war and magic fucked up country in the universe.
  2. The people are all doubting his reign (for real they can all die…)
  3. He has a broken heart after Alina ran off with that other guy called Mal.
  4. Zoya is all up in his face forcing him to marry and have a baby!
  5. AND
  6. he has a darkling demon inside him that wakes up at night and feels like almost devouring a small child.

So…our boy is struggling.

After the intro of the situation and the reappearance of the characters we met in the other series we get to the good shit, which for me only actually started with the begging of the second part.

Second part was confusing and shit was flying everywhere but WOW that end, that plot twist, the love….

My global assessment of the book is that it was pretty funny, very addictive BUT a there was some definitely some plot holes (which I am going to get to eventually, just bare with me)

Now, this is the things I really want to mention!:

  • Zoya development, not only from the Grisha trilogy but in the actual book was amazing! We actually are introduced to this character and we are immediately fed the “nasty girl” cliche. I didn’t loved her in the other books but now? Oh boy what a turn…I really can see the strong personality like a POSITIVE point. And she with Nikolai…just saying but SHE IS A QUEEN… and he is a king…. ah those dialogues.
  • Nikolai had an amazing development too, not soo much like Zoya tho. He went thought shit and in this novel we have a little glimpse of that and how that took a toll on him. But we can also see him accepting the past and moving on.
  • Okay what was that Grisha/ Gods dimension? Like what? I do feel like that was a little of a high jump from the flow of the novel and I wish we where more eased into it but it would also lose the element of surprise if that was the case… I DON´T KNOW… it was weird no?
  • The was a huge element of nostalgia in this book…and my heart felt warm becase of it!
  • Nina taking Mathias body to his country and they burying him….shit. That was probably my favourite scene…it was the closure we and Nina needed.
  • Nina is Bi…Nina wants some of Hanne….just saying.
  • NOTE TO SELF: Nikolai is still my sass inspirational figure.
  • Issack and the false princess love story felt a little bit shoved into the story….not necessary I think.
  • That ending…..I am still in love with the darkling…fuck, why??

The negatives:

  • The plot was very confusing and some things just didn’t had up. We need a whole toon of explanation on the next book..
  • The whole journey to get rid of Nikolai Monster got so lost…and had no gratifying
    resolve, a lot opportunity I guess…
  • Nina mission was not very interesting, I caught myself just rushing through her chapters….


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