Review: Windwitch by Susan Dennard


Wind plus Truth plus emotions plus blood plus epic fantasy world and several slow burn romances = Windwitch by Sudan Dennard, the second book in the Truthwitch series.

 The characters are bae.

The world building is inventive and deliciously complex.

The plot is slow but keeps you ALWAYS on your toes.

The love is everything.

The magic is fucking confusing and I love it.

This book made me dream of it for several weeks after I read it. I still am suffering from being ripped off from that magical reality.

I could finish my review right here. The book is amazing. But I still gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Here is why:

Truthwitch is the first book in this trilogy and while the first book invokes more action scenes and shocking plot twists the second one drives a slower rhythm.

I am sad to announce that it suffers from the “second book syndrome”, which means it only exists to prepare characters and the actual plot for the final instalment in the trilogy. It is a development book, a bridge between book one and book three (WHICH IS COMING OUT IN FEBRUARY: more info in the end of the review).

Windwitch follows the same beloved characters than Truthwitch BUT there are some well added additions to our family of baes:

  1. Vivian (Merik sister): This is an amazing add because we can finally see her perspective and not just how Merik sees her. She is a very complex character as she brings a lot of opportunities to explore mental health and sexuality issues (as she is lesbian, yeeeh. Get her sis).

  2. Vaness (The badass Empress of Marstok): I think she is one of my favorite in the mix. I kind relate to her in a way where she is very against showing emotions, well I don’t relate to that part where she can make shields and save the world with fucking bracelets.

  3. Caden (the “Chiseled Cheater”): Do you remember this guy? DO YOU? Because I was so happy when finally Safiya had a chance to fuck him up! Ah good times. No but for real he grows in you after this book. Oh well, another ship maybe?

PS: This are just some of the new addition that stuck with me more than any others.

Now, our recurrent characters are in for a ride in this book, most of them have an amazing growth and l am loving it! I am not about spoilers in this review BUT Aeduan… I am in love! And Iseult… she is a grown baby now dealing with her powers and shit.


Although the plot went in the development direction rather than the “big twist” drive it kept me reading all the way thought until I was done with the book. It is fun and mysterious, and it definitely follows the vibe of the first instalment in the series.

I love the way this series is progressing. Susan can definitely make the reader fall into the world and adore the journey. The truth is that this series is complex, the world building is spectacular (and crazy hard to understand at times) and the magic system is amazing (and kinda of confusing). BUT do not falter because it is totally worth it.


This book is such a “turn pager”! Please read this series, make your self a favor and wait for the third book?  Suffer the wait with moi.

Rating: 4 out of 5 starts ( FOLLOW ME ON GOODREADS, pwease?)

The third book will be release in 21 FEBRUARY! I am hating the wait 😛

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