Travel: Long Waits in Airports

Hi crazies.

I love to travel and I do it quite often.

To Portugal, from Switzerland, To the UK.

My love for travel has been in me since a very tender age, but a lot as change since then.

Travel is a fabulous experience but the day of your flight is probably the worst part. Long flights are a difficult pill to swallow and long waiting times in a foreign airport pack with random people is even worse.

Today I am traveling from Newcastle to Zurich. I left my house at 9 am and I am only going to arrive in Zurich at 8.12 pm. Here are a few tricks to make your waiting time smoother.

1.Get data on your phone.

Hi, my name is Wi-Fi and I am your best friend or so you think.

Wi-Fi is crucially important if you want to spend some what hours easily entertained.

Do you want to hear some music? Wi-Fi.

Do you want to watch some videos? Wi-Fi.

Need to download your boarding passes? Wi-Fi.

Do you want to talk with your dear ones without spending a LOT on phone fees? Wi-Fi.

The problem is: not every airport has free Wi-Fi. WHAT? Yes. It is true. It can depend from airport to another but some have a 30-min free Wi-Fi other 1 hour. The point is: DON´T rely on airport Wi-Fi.

Example: London Heathrow Airport have “unlimited free Wi-Fi” BUT in reality, you can only use it on mobile devices (mobile and iPad) otherwise the server will have a privacy problem in your computers. Damn it…I wanted to hear some “The great Showman” soundtrack.

2.Drink coffee

I love to visit new places and go on a surprise adventure but 7 hours in an airport seat can make me very frustrated. And sleepy. Very, very sleepy.

The last thing you want to happened is fall asleep and lose your flight or got your things stolen.

My trick is loud music and a nice 2 cups of coffee. You welcome.

3.Notebook and books

“The best way of spending time in a busy and crowed place is to read a book”, said by me.

I never go out with my notebook, this is because a pen and a paper can entertain me easily. I can write, draw, or plan.  That takes up some time when I am bored.


The real trick here is to take a good book, my personal advice would be to take a comedy or thriller book. It will keep you hook up to the pages for dear life until your flight.

4.Browse the stores

If you are like me you love to see cute stuff in sale and then cry because you spent all your money in chocolate. Nevertheless, browse store can make time fly.

Secret: I go straight to the magazine aisle and read some article. What? I am not going to buy a 10€ magazine!

Example: While I was waiting in the London airport I found a harry potter store. With beauty and magic all around, unfortunately I had spent all my money in a bowl of ramen at lunch. Sad story.

5.Sometimes it is better to invest in lounges

It is not a myth with people say that lounges can be overrated. But at the same time lounges can offer exclusive treatment that you will want to experience while spending long hours in an airport.

Free and Fast Wi-Fi, lockers, good seats and the most important thing: a quiet place. While you are in an airport, mostly the bigger ones, people can be a big pain in the ass. Believe me. Even headphones and music can´t save it sometimes.

Example: Right now, while I am waiting for my flight, an old dude started talking to me about technology and how his parents had a phone in the wall when he was a child. And I had my headphone on. Read the clues, man.

Well this is all I have to you! Hope you like it! If you have some tips about this topic make sure to leave it on the comments!! Always looking forward for your feedback.

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