Travel: Weird Portuguese Dishes

Hi crazies.

DISCLAMER: this is my personal opinion and I know there are so many more Portuguese dishes that could´ve enter this list.

For those who don´t know me I am Portuguese and without any doubt my favorite thing about my own culture is the cuisine.

Portuguese food is probably the most underrated cuisine in the world. It is so complex but simple and delicious. I have no words for the unique dishes that we have and I can say that I am a proud Portuguese.

Among the more normal dishes, like soup and bitoque (which is beef, a fried egg, fries and rice), that we present there are some specialties that can be more in sync with exotic people.

Here are the most weird dishes in my personal opinion!


caracois portuguesa

Portuguese people are in love with this dish. I am not joking when I say that this is a very popular dish in the common “tascas” (Portuguese cultural restaurants) all around the country. I remember my family eating this in family gatherings. Honestly I have to idea of the taste, I never had the courage to eat it BUT the sauce is pretty bomb.

Don´t worry if you look like a fool trying to eat it because it gets kind of messy. You pick one snail with your bare hands and then suck the interior of the snail. The best way to eat is with your family or friends ,watching futebol, eating “tremoços” ( a Portuguese appetizer)   and drinking a “Mini” (a mini version of a beer).

2. Stone Soup


Calm down, we don´t actually use stones to make this soup.

The legend tells that a poor guy was wondering Portugal looking for someone to give him food but know one wanted to help him, so he stoped in a house and ask for a pan to make a soup with only a stone. This was a trick to fool the family into giving him actual ingredients which he would use to flavour the stone. Smart guy hum?

This soup is basically made with everything that you can or want. It is a heavy meal and for sure enough to make you through a full day. The most important ingredients are chorizo, beans, potatoes, every meat at your will and herbs to flavour.

Almeirim, a Portuguese city, is the capital of stone soup. It is where the legend started and the best place to eat this hearty dish.



This is probably one of the hardest dishes to explain. Moelas or Gizzard is made from an organ of carnivore birds. It is a specific part of the digestive system.

Although the thought of eating a part of a digestive system of a random bird give me the chills I cannot pass of this exotic dish. I have no idea why but it is delicious, it really is.

It is mostly eaten as a appetizer before a meal or as watching TV with your buddies.



My parents LOVE this. This is one of those weird little things that no one but us, Portuguese, would think of doing.

This dish is basically pigs fat deep fried. That is it. I basically grew up watching my mother doing it in our kitchen and then making little bags with it to gift all family.

Yes, it is a really unhealthy dish but it is very crispy and very flavourful. Do try it with beer in a Sunday afternoon.

5. Sarrabulho Rice


I never tried this and I can tell you that I never will. Look I know that we have some weird dishes but most times they are delicious and make some sense, this one I can´t deal with.

This is rice cooked in pork blood. Not even try to sell this one.

But the true is that a lot of people loves it and swear but this dish and because I never tried it I can´t judge it.

Tell me which one looks the most weird and which ones would you like to try!!!