Travel: How to find cheap Flights

Hi crazies.

I love to travel, it is a passion that no one can take away from me. Not even saying:” Isn´t that too expensive?”.

No. No, it is not and all it takes is a little bit of planning and flexibility.

For the ones that doesn´t know me let me explain too you how I know so much about travelling:

I am Portuguese. My father is from Africa. My parents live in Switzerland and one of my sisters lives in Germany.

I have been in a plane since I can remember. Every summer since my 10 years-old I would go to Switzerland and spend 3 months there. Since my 12 years-old I would travel completely alone.

One more thing, Switzerland is in the middle on Europe and because of that I have used it as a starting point to explore Italy, France, Germany and Austria.

But how could my parents afford so many flight tickets every year? This are my 5 tips for finding cheap flights:


  1. Look ahead of time


You probably heard this one but make sure to not undervalue the power of looking for flights ahead of your departure dates.

Ideally you would search for flights in low season (right after Holidays) and from 4 weeks to 3 weeks.

Believe me when I tell that can make a whole difference in the price.


  1. Search in private mode


After you start searching for your flight on the wide web try to switch to the private mode.

Flight Websites keep track of your data and lift up price once you search for the same flight more than once. Now amplify that for every person in the world and BOOM. Price going up like crazy with no apparent reason.

If you search in private mode not only you keep the prices low to yourself as you do the same for everyone else as well.


  1. Be flexible


This one is hard to deal with when you have strict dates and don´t want to bother too much but it really makes a different.

For example:

I live in near Newcastle, UK and my destination is Zurich, Switzerland and my dates are from 23 of March to 15 of April. Before I settle for a flight I search for all of my dates and all nearby airports in BOTH locations. This way I know that I am going to get the best deal that I possibly can. Often times small airports are a better option and other times week days are worth checking out. So be flexible!

Best website that help you do this are:




  1. Be prepared to wait


I have waiting almost 7 hours in one-stop flights because it was the cheapest option.

All expensive flights have equivalent cheaper ones and often they involve long times waiting on some random airport.

Be prepared to wait because it can drastically lower a flights price.


  1. Search OTHER way of traveling


A good way to save some extra money when travelling is to choose other destinations. Like I already said you need to be very flexible.

Newcastle is my nearest airport but I can find flights from London WAY cheaper. So, I combine a train to London with a flight to wherever my destination is.




Luggage: A bonus tip is to NOT take check-in luggage. It is one of the most famous ways of a company to trick you into buy an expensive flight when I was supposed to be cheaper. If you can skip on check-in luggage. Always!