The insecurities of a 20-years-old Woman: Sex

Hi crazies.

This is day 4 of this crazy little journey that I am putting myself through. If you want to check of day 3 it is here:

This is a self-discovery path for me that I decided to share with the world because:

  1. This way I am kind of forced to do it.
  2. I know that 20-years-old women are insecure and maybe they will want some company on their own journeys to adult-life.

Enjoy, laugh and stay strong.

Weird Topic right?

Sorry but it is a issue that needs to be addressed in a 20-years-old woman life.It really hits you from every side.

As a 20-years-old woman you are expected to know sex, and to enjoy it like it is the most important thing in a relationship, almost like worship it. Which for me always seem a bit off.

The sexual journey starts since little when everything scream SEX on our society, every clothing item, every brand and every video, on TV, on the internet, even on the modern children jokes. Children talking about sex? Yeah, it is pretty common now.

But there is a point in your like where you are expected to participate on this weird mass group that loves and it is devoted to all sexual things. For me it is not the case.

Hello, I am a raised Christian child and I am not supposed to talking about such a tabu on the internet and my parents/sisters will nag me when they see this


I do think this is a important issue for the modern lady girl which is bombarded by sexual context, everyday, EVERYWHERE.

So lets not be shocked by truth here and move on from the awareness of sexual conversations.It is in our normal day times so it can be discussed right?

I hate the pressure we, as a society, put into young adult women to have sex and not just that but to do it right. We need to know how to perform all kind of positions, we need to be ALL shaved, and somehow we need to look beautiful through the whole thing. Like how?

We, as women, have the pressure of saying YES everything because if you donΒ΄t want sex is because : “She is on her period or She is just making things difficult”.

Sex is a difficult issue for young woman who are pressured to “do it”. If they say no things can get out of control in several ways. If they say yes they can be label as sex toys or sex addicts.

My first boyfriend dumped me two days after I say no to sex, but not after pressuring me enough that I would do something that made me uncomfortable and caused me trauma until today.

Apart from that it is almost impossible to pass the barrier we have between sexes in this matter.Β  Men can get away with so much more than women.

When I started dating my boyfriend and we discussed if women cheat more than men or the other way around he told me that without any doubt he thinks of a woman less loyal than a men.

Women are often thought of “emotional” and “less loyal”. Which is bullshit.

Not to speak that every-time that a woman freaks out about condoms or the pill she is over-reaction to a perfectly fine situation. No. Excuse me? Do you want to grow a baby in your stomach? Be bound for life? Then stop assuming that it is “fine”.

To finish my thoughts I just want to say that every woman should NOT be pressure into anything and if she likes sex then let her be!