Mental Health: Places to go when Anxious

Hi crazies.

I am a anxious person and I really need to get away from my own life and just be alone sometimes. I know how important it is to feel calm and quiet when Anxiety forms in your chest with no warning.

I put together a list of my 8 favorite places to run to when I am feeling really stress out with life. Although you can´t visit the same spots you can always try to find your own inspired by this list.

This is an interactive map, you can click on the icons and see the photos/ read the descriptions.

1.National Glass centre

photo by Daniela Silva

National Glass is my art space. Is where I go to enjoy art exhibitions. This is great for Anxiety. I get to be alone in a space that inspires me and no one bothers me just because I am taking my time looking at something.

You can really enjoy your time and relax, and maybe learn something new.

2. Sunderland City Library

photo by Daniela Silva

Books is that thing that can make me completely forget my reality, I just get into the universe of the Story so easily that my anxiety doesn´t have a chance of finding me there.

Libraries are amazing too because you can be alone, and quiet. I love to be in silence with myself in a place where I can get lost in another universe.

3. Sweet Tooth

A calming coffee shop where you can just eat about everything sweet that you can imagine is a great place for anxious people. I love to get a hot chocolate in a super cozy sofa in a place that I know that i can be comfortable in.

No one will ever need something for you in a coffee shop and that makes it the perfect place to just stay at and be free from life responsibilities.

4.River view

I live near the river and I find it very calming to just be near it and doing nothing more. I honestly find it relaxing, seeing the river just being there and breathing in all of the nature beauty.

Near my house I have a silent bench where normally is free of people. There I meditate my way to a calmer day.

5.Barnes Park

photo by Daniela Silva

Walking in nature can be one of the best things to do to calm your anxiety. But for me what calls me to go to places like big parks is the exploring them.  I got lost in this beautiful park one time, and that made me work towards a very specific goal. Somehow that reminded me that calmer I can achieve more and my anxiety was gone.

Bonus: I found a very cool and secret spot to go and chill.

6.City Space Gym

I hate exercise but the truth is that I could not live without it.

Being active makes you calmer, believe it or not. When I miss my session at the gym I feel my anxiety peeking in my life. Being distracted and healthy makes me more adapt to deal with panic attacks too.

7. Mowbray Park

photo by Daniela Silva

This is another moment of nature. This park is near my house and I go there because it is the most charming park ever. It has all of these hidden spots where you can just disappear in a fairy tail and consequently forget your anxiety.

Nature naturally makes you more calm, try it out for yourself and if you can just walk alone in a park then take a book or your camera or maybe play Pokemon go. That makes you more likely to hit the resent button on your stress levels.

8.Sunderland Aquatic Centre

Pools and saunas are relaxing paradise. There is something about being emerged in hot water that calms your body and mind.

I always loved being in pool just floating away from all of my problems, and that calms me instantly.

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