DareGreatly: Racism Stories

Hi crazies.

A battle is being fought by people that we don´t know. Against dirty looks, against judgment. I can´t imagine what it is to live in the battlefield, what is to be hit with cruel words.

Modern Racism takes unknown forms and it slips undetected in the many days of our lives. At least for some of us. Others are hit by unnecessary invasions in their lives.

The concept of judging someone based on their race, colour, clothing or language is the most stupid concept in the world. Human beings are the most extraordinary animals in the planet, the most complex being. We are so much more. Why in the hell are we judging someone on a tiny part of them?

Judging someone for their race is just as ridicule as judging someone because they have a passion for science.

There are so many different parts of someone, it is straight up ignorant to say someone is something based on their race.

Do you want to be ignorant?

This war is pointless and it needs to stop.

I am going to share two stories of people that went through unnecessary judgment because of the futile concept of other people.

Please read with your heart open, see though their eyes. These are strong minded people who had to deal with racism in their lives.

Story 1:


Name: Mariam Khattab

From: Egypt

” I came from Cairo to study at the University of Sunderland in the UK. It was the first time that I travelled abroad and I am alone. Since I was alone in another country with no friends or family from home I kinda felt vulnerable.

Everything counted at that point, every word and every look.

I am Muslim  and I wear a scarf, because of this people wouldn´t sit next to me in the Bus.

One time I was on a train and a man sat down behind me and started whispering curse words.

And then he started shouting them.

My friends and me never speak in Arabic in public, I mean people would think that we had a bomb.

Another day I was watching the news in a public area and it was one of the days that a terrorist attack took place in the UK, as I look to someone stand near by they give me

The most dirty look

I know that I am a strong person but it breaks you.

That is it, that day I made the decision to take my scarf off, and for the next day I didn´t get any dirty looks. BUT I wasn´t comfortable.

I don´t wear it to show off, I wear it to show that I am worshiping my God, for me it is a form of devotion.

The problem is that people are afraid of asking questions, is it just better to assume than to ask?

So I understood that people want me to change. After that I put my scarf back on and I never took it off because of judgmental people.

With my scarf or without my scarf I am still the same person, a good person.

But after all you just learn to deal with it and how to interact with Racism.”

Story 2:


Name: Francis Obinna Eze

From: Nigeria

“On the 9th of January I was on my way to work and while walking down the road, a car stopped and the driver threw a raw egg at me.

And then called me a “Blank cunt”.

Although I fell very angry with racist commentaries I can never change who I am because I am not accepted by a group.

I am unique in my own way and so is everyone.

I mostly avoid racist people because if anything goes wrong, the “Black man” would be held responsible. Doesn´t matter who has the fault.

The only way to reduce Racism is through education, social awareness and equality. Avoiding stereotypical behaviour. 

Social media is a great way of doing this.”


Don´t Stereotype, EVER.

It is wrong for everyone around including you. Stop being ignorant.

Stop just standing by and give strength to the ongoing fight that is Racism.