Dare Greatly

Hi crazies.

I am starting a new chapter in this Blog life.

Today is the day that a new project is born! The name is: DARE GREATLY.

This Amazing project is going to about talking about thing that you are afraid of, is going to put you in uncomfortable place.

I am going to start a new conversation that you don´t wanna have. But need to. I am going to make us DARE higher.

Life is has short tempo, you can´t control your situations but you can control your attitudes. You can choose want to say and want to do. I choose to speak up.

Let me tell you something:

Being a writer is not easy, being in another country, having depression, dealing with bullying, being young, stress out, and being a blogger IT IS NOT EASY.


I will never, EVER, say that I am a victim of my situation or of my life.I do my life. Not the other way around.

You make your life and you cannot turn your eyes, the world needs you. What about world hunger? What about poverty? Or racism? or Refugees? Or Immigration in mass? Or Rapist guys that are sitting on the power? STOP talking about trivial things. Easy is not necessary.

No to standing by. Do something. Do something for someone that needs, talk about it, share it, share stories and RAISE AWARENESS.

For a preview of this series here are some topics that i am going to talking here:

  • Racism Stories: Launching on the 1FEB
  • Depression: When do you know that you have depression? with the support of a professional in the area.
  • Power Money
  • Innocent people being locked out for speaking up
  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Feminism
  • Human Rights with the Association FODI
  • Society
  • Bullying: My personal Story and more


I am done of being a stand by in the background of my life and in my town.

I am going to dare greatly and start talking about things that need to be talked about.

Daring higher, daring to be a different us.

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This is an article about depression, something that also need to be talked about in this society: https://blankssd.com/2017/12/10/human-leeches-depression/