Sunderland:TOP 5 Experiences


Hi crazies.

Sunderland is a little town by the east coast of the UK and it is also the place were I live.

This city is most populated by University students. University of Sunderland is one of the biggest and best University in the north of the Country. Personal disclaimer: I am a student here and I can say it is a really good University.

Sunderland is also known by their football team.

1. Signature Dish

Sunderland doesn’t have a specific signature dish but for me the dish that I associate with this town is the Yorkshire Pudding.

I know this is not from Sunderland but it was the first place that I ever tried it out.

My English roommate decided it was a good idea to cook some Yorkshire Puddings and gave us (Portuguese Students). After two to three attempts he made it. To be honest I loved the Pudding in itself but I couldn’t make myself like the gravy sauce.

Sorry, not Sorry.


Casa Italia is an Italian restaurant that I absolutely adore. I think that I have been there at least 10 times and I always eat the same dish: Pasta Carbonnara.

I love Italian food and this place offers the perfect balance between quality and price.

If you are looking for a good restaurant I would advise this one, the service is very friendly and the location is good: right by City Campus belonging to the University of Sunderland.

3.Known for

When i decided to study in Sunderland and told the big news to my Portuguese friends the most common response was: “Sunderland the football club?”. The truth is that i am not a sporty person and I had no idea that Sunderland was known by their football team but apparently  is a thing!

Stadium of Light is a big red bowl shaped stadium that captures a lot of attention in this small town. Events, Concerts and ,obviously, Games take place in this stadium. Even Beyonce came here.

Apart from that people from here are obsessed with the success of their team and whenever there is a game you can feel the competitive atmosphere everywhere in town.

Goo Sunderland!

Ps: I never went to see a game, shame on me.

4.Coffee Shop 

photo by Daniela Silva

Sweet Tooth is my  place in Sunderland, I could be there for hour just eating the amazing cakes they have or just enjoying the quietness of it.

This is place give you some serious “please eat everything on the menu” vibes. I think i already tried every cake on the menu AND let us not start on the waffles.

Well decorated and SUPER friendly service with a quiet atmosphere and amazing desserts to choose from this coffee shop is my saviour when I need a lot of sugar in my body.

Wait up because there is a problem here, their prices. It is ridiculous how expensive a slice of cake is BUT it is totally worth it, for reals!

5.Splash of Culture 

photo by Daniela Silva

The National Glass centre is a glass museum with an incredible story and if you really want to find out more about it you need to see this amazing place.

It is located near the St Peters Campus and it is to die for. I took a year to visit this place and i regret it so much.

Now it is my sanctuary to go after classes or when i have a break.

In this break i can have some food, walk on the glass floor, appreciate the river view, accompany the Sunderland history in the glass subject, I can enjoy a beautiful and educative glass exhibition or watch people make glass in real live.

Yes and all of this for FREE!


I have some extra photos that a snapped all around Sunderland. Enjoy!

photo by Daniela Silva
photo by Daniela Silva
photo by Daniela Silva