Leiria: TOP 5 Experiences

Leiria is located between Coimbra and Lisboa, in the centre of Portugal.

Leria is most known for the D.Dinis Pine Forest and the story surrounding it. Unfortunately a big area of the Pine Forest burned in the 2017 Summer in an intense wild fire.

Leria is a a city that has it all: a river, close by beaches, forests and a rich city life.

1.Signature Dish

Brisas do Liz or Breezes of the Liz is the traditional dessert of Leiria. Liz is the name of the river that crosses right in the middle of the city, so thats where the name came from.

This dessert is rich in sugar, and eggs. It is very simple to make but it is known that there is no better place to eat it other than Leiria. It is a intense experience in a simple, little pastry.


Moo hamburgueria artesanal is a spectacular restaurant that I found in Leiria. It serves only original burgers. It is really amazing because it has this weird combinations of burgers that you would never think of but it turns out they are super delicious.

It is not the most traditional restaurant in Leiria but it is worth it for sure! So you should try it out.

3.Known for

D.Dinis was a Portuguese king (1285-1324) with the nickname of Lavrador or Farmer. He is known for this nickname until today because he was the founder of the larger pine forest of Portugal, although the first king to give the order to the planting of this forest was Afonso II.

This Pine Forest was very important in Portuguese discoveries in Sea. The wood used to make characteristic Portuguese boats ( Naus ) was part of this Pine Forest. Every time a tree was cut another was planted and that is how this Pine Wood Forest maintained its original form.

In 2017 Summer wild fires spread thought all of Portugal and for the first time ever the Pinhal de Leiria was almost destroyed.

4. Coffee Shop

Aldeia dos Sabores or Flavour Village is the best coffee shop that I have been to.

In this place you can choose from a variety of 30 different cakes and they are all a piece of heaven! No jokes, this is the Truth. There is all of Portuguese famous desserts and all types of breads as well.

The service is amazing and the place is filled with classical vibes, but there is a catch. You need to spend a little fortune to buy something in this place. So if you have no financial problems go for it!

5.Splash of Culture

If you ever visited Leiria one of the things that you probably noticed was that a castle reigns in the top of the city. A medieval and full of story castle.

This castle is very mystical because it is very old. Its construction is dated as old as the beginning of Portugal as a Country and to our first king D. Afonso Henriques. He was the  one to give the order of the construction of the castle.

During the Christian Regain this castle was very important because it was a point of defence for Portugal, also Leria region was a very rich trade region.

It is still open to tourists and in the Summer it holds a medieval event inside the castle walls.