Santa Cruz :TOP 5 Experiences

Santa Cruz: Village by the Sea

I lived in Santa Cruz for 8 years, right by the sea. This little village as place near the city of Torres Vedras. Beautiful beaches and a lot of tourism during the summer months are two of the vast attractions of Santa Cruz. If you are looking for a cheap but really good destination Santa Cruz is a good bet.

1.Signature Dish

Just like any coastal city, Santa Cruz signature dish is the rich seafood offered in this region.

Stuffed Shoemaker (picture above) is something that tourists love when visiting Santa Cruz.

O Festival da Sapateira or The Shoemaker festival happens in September every year, during this weekend every restaurant in the village offers the delicacy for try-outs.



Sem Título.png
photo by Daniela Silva

Being someone that lived in this village for so long I can proudly say that, without no doubt, the best restaurant is the Restaurant Navio.

You can find this Restaurant by the Beach of Navio. It offers an amazing view of the sea and fresh sea food.

There is even the opportunity to choose the fish you want to eat when it is alive in an aquarium.

The Restaurant has the name “NAVIO” that means “SHIP” because a ship is sunk near the coast of that same beach. It is still possible to see the ship if you got lucky.

3.Known for

The most beautiful attractions in Santa Cruz are its beaches. Golden sand and 10 hours of Sun make this small village a great holiday destination.

The food is great and cheap and it is close to a bigger city.

You can choose from a variety of beaches but locals, like me, know that the best one to go to is the Formosa Beach. This beach offers a natural formation that prevents the wind from getting to the actual beach.

But the place that Santa Cruz is most known for is its natural formation: the Rock  (picture above).

4.Coffee Shop

This is a Summer destination and it seems adequate to choose a summery coffee shop.

The ice cream shop, II Templo Italiano, is one of the best coffee shops in the village.

You can choose form 20 different ice cream flavours and, if you prefer, from a different of Portuguese delicacies.

5.Splash of Culture

Santa Cruz water mill is like a surprise box, it is very special.

In there you can find 3 different things. The water mill museum, the summer library and the tourism post for the Village.

The original water mill was constructed in the XV century and it is still up for viewing today. It was used to grind the bread in the past.