Creative Writing: Human Leeches

Hi crazies.

Did you even think that leeches could breathe or walk like humans? I am here to tell you they can.

Maybe not the way you think, but these fantastic animals can be human like.

The basic idea of using leeches for treatment is their ability to suck blood and the release of “good” toxins as they do so. So as they suck your life form they also leave a healing process that can take a while. The patient needs to wait.

There is a truth about leeches. Human leeches exist. They walk, they breathe and they talk like humans. They are humans with the abilities of a leech. But they don´t suck your blood. They suck your joy.

Students are often leeches. They can have these amazing abilities.

I have encountered this species before in my life. They showed me their special ability for one year to be exact. One year of constant leech activity. Human leeches can look like humans, but they are animals. Not rational animals. Don´t get fooled by the presentation.

First they tried to do it while I wasn´t even present. Social media quickly became a natural habitat for this species.

After that it was easy. It is funny because as your joy is sucked and it runs out they leave you alone.

Students, on my class, were leeches. Real leeches with human faces. And they didn´t even need to physically sink their teeth into your skin. They could do it from far away and at all times leaving a sensation of terror in your body.

People´s terror can make some students high like they are on weed.

They were definitely high.

Four out of five young adults, students, think about suicide or killing themselves. “A study last year found 22 per cent of young suicide victims had been bullied” says an article in the newspaper Express.

In my opinion there is a plague of human leeches in our society.

The hunter chooses the prey, it chases the prey. The hunter disguises itself with friendship to approach the prey, it fools the prey. The prey is now vulnerable. The prey is unable to move, one less moment of joy. The hunter mocks their home town, one more moment of joy sucked to fill its belly. The hunter feeds on the prey, it takes all of its emotion by threatening the prey´s social life. All of it the joy is gone. Not one drop is left.

This can go on and on for a long time until the prey dies. It is dead. And there is nothing you can do. Only, maybe, remove the leech. Control the treatment. Let it heal after the hunt begins.

Society, you need to control the treatment, or restrict the number of human leeches in the wild. But the first step is to acknowledge their existence. They exist and they make more hunts that any of your fancy diseases. Depression is an illness. An undiscovered one.

The prey forgets about the healing powers of a hunt. Leeches can heal because they release good toxins. The prey is just too weak to wait. Why wait when all of your joy has been driven away by a leech that was supposed to be your colleague.  Just wait, victim, just wait and you will heal.

The one good thing about human leeches is that they make you fight, they make you strong. For me, they were a necessary evil. I needed them because they made me abandon my path. And because of that I could find my hidden path. I can assure you that I would never have found it alone. The heal came for me because I waited for it. I learned from it.

But some can´t wait. Unfortunately we cannot make them wait, and we cannot rush the healing process.

We cannot stop the Suicidal thoughts.

It is Biological.


  1. righteousbruin9

    I find this so very telling. I have had the leeches, the vampires, the human vacuum cleaners in my life. They shattered the life of my dearest love, until physical disease took her homeward. They have tried to shatter my life, but I am not buying it. I will cradle the disconsolate, the shaking, as long as they need it.


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