The Art of Loving God

Hi crazies.

Being a Christian since childhood made me a trained lover.”

The truth is that, for me at least, God is love. So as I trained myself as knowing God and his word I trained myself in the arts of Love too.

But one thing that no one ever taught me to do was how to love God. It is a crucial part of my life, it always had been. “It comes naturally,” the Church said. Does it? How do you Love Love?

“I love God. But my primary focus is not him.”

In other words, there are other things or people that I love more than God. My most frequent sin is to love someone else more than God. It is easy to love something that you can see and touch than something that although is always with you it is not necessary visible.

God is a look key dude, he is always there with you but he doesn´t spend all the minutes yell at you. It is easy for us to get distracted or even to forget/ignore his presence.

Loving a person more than loving God brings a lot of problems. A l-o-t of them! I always put him first even if it means not coming to Church. I prefer to let him decide things that maybe I should go to God and not him.

My training in Love wasn´t enough for me to understand the deep degree that a Christian is supposed to love God.  So how would I teach how to love God? Well there is a lot you can do. But first do this:

  1. Please, Remember who you are.

The truth is that you cannot love God while you are lost and wondering the world. It is impossible to “catch” the word of God when you are so fascinated with literally everything else.  The world is full of awesome stuff. The normal reaction is to get caught up in its beauty.

So stop and take a moment to remember who you are. Or were. Or want to be. If you want to love God, fully, then remember his wonders. Remember his love you (The “man” gave his life for your ugly ass. Come on!).

  1. Don´t let go of his hand, NEVER. Even if you give your “other hand” to anything else.

When I first started this whole thing of being a Christian I had a metaphor for my path with God. I would fall with him thought life, that way I could NEVER let go of his hand. If I were to let go at some point I would remember that I would crash. His hand is my only way of get through life without falling. Even if, for some reason, I would give my other hand to someone/something else I would always be with him. Even to wake me or to nag me about his truth.

I couldn´t let go of his hand. I can´t. That is my agreement with him and with myself. And even if I get caught up in the lies of this imperfect world I will always have his perfect hand to pull me up to reality.

  1. Analyse yourself.

You know, if you go to church, that bible study is important. I was taught to analyse God´s word before I learn that I, also, needed to analyse myself.  You do need to do this. I know that you don´t want to talk about it. You probably don´t want to think about it. But you need to face the fact that someone/something else is occupying God´s place in your heart.

If you follow these three steps, half of the way is done. Honestly let God guide you and slowly you will get there. If you are willing to. Obviously.

Have Faith.